Katarina Jovanović, born in Ljubovija, Serbia, in 1993, is a multidisciplinary artist. Her diverse artistic repertoire includes painting, interior design, digital art, poetry, scenography, theater, mural painting, and sculpture. Currently, she mostly expresses herself through fine arts, aiming to connect with an audience curious about exploring the current struggles of society for a better future.
Katarina's affinity for art began in early childhood, providing her with a means to freely share her unrestricted vision of the world. Her work revolves around issues concerning human rights, equality, the importance of nature, and various social, psychological, and existential aspects in society.
She pursued studies in interior design and industrial product studies at Belgrade's High School for Design and multimedia arts at Belgrade's School of Fine & Applied Arts. Additionally, she became part of the ecological avant-garde commune, led by Bozidar Mandic, renowned as the "Family of Clear Streams," during a seven-year tenure. This troupe, in existence since the 1970s, provided her with opportunities to perform and refine her craft in theaters across Serbia.
Katarina's artwork has been showcased at numerous group and solo exhibitions, such as "Behind the Shadows" at the Cultural Center "Ribnica" in Kraljevo, Serbia, in 2017, and the "Objectif Terre" Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2021, featuring a solo exhibition and interactive performance.
Featured in various events, including the audiovisual and scenographic field, such as "Chilicosta" in Lausanne, Switzerland (2021-2024), "Paleo Festival" in Nyon, Switzerland (2022-2023), "IntArtvencio" with Feminist Art Revolution in Martorell, Barcelona, Spain (2021), and "House22" in Geneva, Switzerland (2022), these events have provided her with a platform to showcase her artwork to a broader audience.
In recent years, Katarina Jovanovic has been living & working abroad as an independent freelance artist in Spain & Switzerland. These experiences have permitted her to further expand horizons both in an artistic & personal vein.

Scenography field of audiovisual and events, Chilicosta,
project “Nautilus” Museum of Science and fiction, Maison d’Ailleurs Yverdon, Switzerland

2023-Group exhibition “Feminist Art” Palacete de Ayora, Valencia Spain

2023-Festival “Objectiff Terre”, interactive performance, “Ecological uprising “
Lausanne Switzerland

2022-Interactive performance, Festival “Objectiff Terre”, Lausanne Switzerland

2022-Group exhibition “HumanitArt” gallery, “House22” Geneva Switzerland,

2021-22 Scenography, fields of audiovisual and events “Chilicosta” Lausanne, Switzerland

2021-Festival “Objectif Terre”, solo exhibition and interactive performance, Lausanne Switzerland

2021-IntArtvencio with “Feminist Art Revolution” Martorell, Barcelona Spain

2020-Catalonia Casas, interior design, murals, Catalonia Spain

2018-group exhibition Cultural Center Baraka video art “Forbidden time”, Belgrade Serbia

2018-Desire Festival teacher “Kosztolányi Dezső” “The Family’s of Clear streams” performance “Intima”, Subotica Serbia

2018-Festival “Infant” “The Fanilly of Clear Streams” performance

2018-“The Family of Clear Streams” performance “Intima” Bitef Teather Belgrade, Serbia

2017-“The Family of Clear Streams” performance “Intima” Goethe Institute, Belgrade Serbia

2017-Festival “ExploreZ” “The Family of Clear Streams performance” “Intima” Center for cultural decontamination CZKD Belgrade Serbia

2017-Solo Exhibition “Behind the Shadow” Cultural Center “Ribnica” Kraljevo Serbia

2017-Art residency “What is missing” Montain Goc Serbia

2016-Performance “Shame” “The Family of Clear Streams” National Theater Sombor, Serbia

2016-“On the other side of authority” Milica Ruzicic, Kolarceva Zaduzbina, Belgrade Serbia

2016-Photo Exhibition “Discover VSLPUSS” National Geography Serbia “SKC” gallery, Belgrade Serbia

2015-Performance “Shame” “The Family of Clear Streams”, Bitef theater Belgrade Serbia

2015-Photo exhibition “Discover VSLPUSS” National Geography Serbia “Ozone” gallery, Belgrade Serbia

2015-Performance “Back” Family of a Clear Streams opening retrospective Exhibition of Božidar Mandić, Museum of modern art Novi Sad Serbia

2014-Performance “Shame” The Family of Clear Streams, Serbian National Theater Novi Sad, Serbia

2014-Performance “Bodies in urban spaces” Wil Dorner, Austria, Mikser festival, Belgrade Serbia

2014-Documentary “Utopia Fortress” Sandra Sterle, Vis, Croatia

2013-Performance “Shame” “The Family of Clear Streams”, Dah Theater, Belgrade Serbia

2012-Opening Performance Museum of Modern Art “Macura” Novi Banovci, Serbia

2012-Performance “Shame” “The Family of Clear Streams”, Desire Festival, Subotica Serbia